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Dr Caroline Leaf states: "You will not always be able to remove triggers or triggering situations, but you can learn how to make the triggers work for you and not against you."

This challenge is ALL about teaching you how to make your thoughts, emotions and triggers work for YOU!  After 5 simple tasks you will become a MASTER!

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Overcome the Overwhelm

Overcome the Overwhelm is a self-guided journey designed for overwhelmed women who want to end the racing thoughts, constant busyness, and the feeling that life is getting away from you and discover your true worth as you become the best version of yourself! By the end of this program, you’ll have the tips and life hacks that streamline your life along with the confidence and self-awareness to know how to achieve your goals and live the life you want!

What You'll Get:  
Access to this self-paced online course and the Digital Downloadable Worksheets for each Session
PLUS: Bonus Section: Icing
PLUS: Access to our upcoming LIVE 5 Day Challenge - October 4th-8th

What you'll Learn:
◆ Set clear, healthy boundaries with people in your life and strengthen your relationships!

◆ Know exactly what brings you joy and how to integrate joy into your life!

◆ Stop letting others push your buttons and remove negativity from your life!

◆ End the worry and overwhelm trying to do everything yourself!

◆ Be more present at home and at work so you can end the distraction and make the most of your time!

◆ Manage your time so that you aren’t falling into “time traps” that cause you to fall behind in your life and make you wonder where the time went!

◆ Set goals for yourself so you can turn your dreams into reality!

Best of all, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to feel balanced, peaceful, and full emotionally, spiritually, socially, personally, and professionally!

When you sign up for Overcome the Overwhelm, you'll have the knowledge and strategies you need to navigate landmines in your life - comparison, busyness, lack of boundaries - and overcome them so you can love yourself and make your joy a priority.

I am 100% dedicated to helping you succeed, and I have worked to put together a solution for moms just like you to unlock the happiness you deserve and get the results you want!

While other programs that are similar cost well over $995.00, I wanted Overcome the Chaos to be accessible to women who are ready to make powerful shifts in their lives and embrace the joy and fulfillment you deserve!

I am so proud of you and the growth you are making.  Allow me to continue to journey with you as you become a MASTER at RADIATING YOUR JOY!


What People Are Saying:

"I interviewed Kelly for my Relationships Rule podcast and knew right away we spoke the same language ... relationships. Kelly was very generous with her time and did a little coaching with me around prospecting - she is a master at it and I learned a lot. Kelly is passionate about working with women to overcome their Landmines ... and I highly recommend her work, her book, and her courses.

Janice Porter

Oh my! This event came just at the right time! Kelly Accetta and Amanda Trippi thank you so much for reaching out to assure I made it! I definitely learned that we have to know what triggers us and how to help learn deal with our losses. I loved it and loved meeting everyone. 🙏♥️😊♥️

Salina Ibarra

It was so awesome for me! Every time I go it feels like my first workshop. I learned how to talk to someone that is going through loss. Now I know what to say and what NOT to say to comfort the different personalities! Kelly's events always fills me with JOY, positivity, inspiration, and helps me to feel fearless!!

Christina O.

Kelly, the Truth Coach, tells it real & raw. We have more healing ammo in our stock to recognize, recover, and be redeemed! Thank you, precious sister for your transparency & pulling me out of the miry clay. Love you 💓💖

Ronnie G.