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Learn how to communicate ALL personality styles with Kelly's Art of Communication online course!

Recovery is about healing and learning NEW strategies.  This is an online course designed to specifically to walk you through "how-to" communicate with those family members or co-workers that push your buttons!

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What if you could speak effectively to ANY person?  What if they actually HEARD you; better yet, knew exactly what you meant?  Communication is an ART, this course will give you the tools to master it!

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Divorce Recovery Retreat

Living after a divorce can suck the life out of you, so if you are in this space, getting clarity is a top priority for your mental wellness.

Truth #1:
Many people live in this divorce limbo for months if not years and their health suffers massively. The vast majority of people will go on to have unsuccessful relationships in the future.  We know this because the divorce rate gets higher with second and third marriages. The truth is: DIVORCE IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST DECISIONS YOU WILL EVER MAKE. So getting total healing on this is critical to moving forward either way. Learning to consciously uncouple with as little drama as possible is the key to your emotional wellness.

Truth #2:
Living in limbo is an unhappy situation that impacts you, your kids and your health and life negatively. Getting clarity gets you out of high emotions of resentment and depression and focuses you back to the ultimate goal of healing and recovery.

  • 3 DAYS that will stimulate recovery
  • Unplug from your normal environment to discover LIFE after Divorce
  • Get out of Divorce Limbo
  • Goal-focused program to Recover and Heal
  • Face2Face interaction with an expert
  • Map out a detailed plan for moving forward
  • Discover What Makes YOU Happy
  • Specific choreographed retreat to the needs of women

WHEN: Late Summer of 2024 - specific date TBD

LOCATION: Dallas/For Worth Area - Specifics coming soon!

TIME: Friday @ 3pm - Sunday (ends at noon)

I am locking in a BEAUTIFUL retreat center and getting the details squared away for you!  We will update them asap!  But reserve your spot TODAY!!  These are LIMITED tickets and will sell out FAST!

What People Are Saying:

Character, integrity, and passion is how I describe this incredible woman! Kelly is powerful in her speaking &coaching. She has an engaging style of teaching which is fun while learning valuable principles, which produce positive results and is beneficial in all relationships. I highly recommend Kelly, her training and her book “How to Defuse the Landmines We Plant in Our Lives.

L. Kaye Gurney

I have collaborated with Kelly to provide uplifting and instructional Live Streaming and other programming to help serve women, families, and children with mental and emotional education. I have read her book and find it to be ON THE MARK as it relates to becoming more self aware and increasing my own success factor. I recommend her as a collaborative partner, speaker, and friend. Thank you Kelly for all you do!

S. Poythress

Kelly Accetta speaks truth! As a mentor, life coach, and friend, Kelly brings wisdom and experience to her coaching style. Her vast experience speaking to women all over the world gives her an unique perspective. With truth and honesty, Kelly gets to the core of your personality and equips you with skills that improve everyday life. Whether you want to grow professionally, personally, or grow your team, Kelly knows how to guide you towards improvement.

M. Decker

I have had the privilege in attending Kelly's class which was absolutely amazing. Kelly is genuine, engaging, fun, transparent and inspiring. She has created and shared a dynamic content that I was able to implement in my business and personal life immediately. My experience with Kelly and her team has been a delight. I highly recommend that you attend Kelly's workshops, you will be truly blessed.

T. Pfister

You are NEVER too old to recover. I've learned with Kelly that I can still have dreams! I am now taking advantage of just being ME! If I'm mad, it's OK. I'm not worrying about what everybody else thinks but I'm learning to be my natural self!

C. Marshall

Kelly is amazing. Her knowledge of people and behaviors is incredible. Her service and follow-up make her a pleasure to work with. I attended her seminar and experienced directly the impact of her speaking and coaching. I bought her book and signed up for her online course so I could stay plugged in to her network and philosophy.

J. Avila

Kelly is a dynamic leader, coach, and speaker who practices excellence in everything in her life. She has a contagious energy for life and deeply cares about helping all people become their best! If you're looking for leader to help coach, motivate others to greatness or help create creative collaboration, Kelly would be a top recommendation.

L. Schrag

I interviewed Kelly for my Relationships Rule podcast and knew right away we spoke the same language ... relationships. Kelly was very generous with her time and did a little coaching with me around prospecting - she is a master at it and I learned a lot. Kelly is passionate about working with women to overcome their Landmines ... and I highly recommend you check out her work, her book , and her courses.

J. Porter

I can't say enough positive things about Kelly. What sets her apart from others is how genuine she is in striving to uplift others and make a difference in their lives. She puts her all into her work and it shows. I recommend you to seek her out and attend any and all of her retreat. I encourage you to read her book "How To Defuse The Landmines We Plant In Our Lives". You will be so glad you did!"

R. Kalich