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Dr Caroline Leaf states: "You will not always be able to remove triggers or triggering situations, but you can learn how to make the triggers work for you and not against you."

This challenge is ALL about teaching you how to make your thoughts, emotions and triggers work for YOU!  After 5 simple tasks you will become a MASTER!

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Audio Book - How to Defuse the Landmines We Plant in Our Lives

Download today and listen to: "How to Defuse the Landmines We Plant in Our Lives!"

When we women are miserable or unable to reach our goals, sometimes the underlying problems are purely of our OWN making.

Gossip, putting ourselves down, and being overemotional are destructive to our happiness and relationships.

Wallowing in an endless cycle of mommy guilt, DOUBT, and insecurity— sound familiar?

These actions are like deadly landmines, ready to go off at any time.


The explosions block us from reaching the lives we want for ourselves and our families. As an international women’s success coach, every year I help thousands of women learn to AVOID placing these and other destructive landmines in our lives—and HOW TO defuse the ones we’ve already set.

This insightful book helps us gain more insight and wisdom as we learn how destructive these all-too-common landmines are to our lives and to the lives of the ones we LOVE.