Kelly Accetta is an internationally recognized author, motivational speaker and TRUTH coach.  Her trainings come from experiential learning and decades of personal growth and development.  Throughout her career she has recruited and trained teams strong enough to be a consistent top producer.  She also co-created one of the most effective training programs in the marketing industry that has developed top producers  and trainers that now span six continents and over 1 billion dollars in revenue for those companies.  Her ability to engage and inspire teams and leaders around the world has led to sustained growth and market retention that is unparalleled.  Her study of human behavior over the last 25 years has produced an ability to train like no other.

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What is a Truth coach?

So often we go through life completely oblivious to the things we say to ourselves internally and externally.  After awhile these statements can become our "truths" that we will constantly search for corroborating evidence and defend to the point of conflict.  But what if these statements aren't REALLY true???  
I caught myself over 10 years ago repeating over and over again that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to lose weight after my second daughter because my metabolism had gone south for the winter and had yet to return.  I probably said it 3-4 times a day.  Was it TRUE?  No!  When I finally came to myself and realized what I was doing, I had to be brutally honest with myself, and look for the REAL reason I wasn't losing weight. 
How many of you have done something similar?  Said things like:  "I'll never make a lot of money, I never graduated from college"; "I'll never get that promotion, it's just a good ole boys club at the top";  "who would ever want to marry me?  I gave my ex the best years of my life."  etc, etc, etc!  
My job as your Truth Coach is to help you search out and destroy these false "truths" that have been sabotaging your life, and  help you create the life God intended you to live.!!!  Knowing WHO you are completely;  your strengths, weaknesses, and what's REALLY true about your health, finances, relationships and so much more.  Stop living the life the media, friends, society, etc. has told you to live and start living your TRUTH!

"Kelly is phenomenal to work with and provides so much value in every session. She is fully present, relatable and is passionate about helping you achieve your desired outcome."

-Brandy Wilson
The Blend Law Firm

Are you ready???

Looking in the mirror and asking hard questions is difficult.  Working directly with me will be revelatory but tough!  You don't hire a personal trainer to go easy on you, you hire them to help you get RESULTS!!!  Therefore, until you're ready to dive in, I have lots of tools to share with you via email so don't forget to "Join the Community" at the top of this page.  Get to know me, get comfortable and then let's take action!
For those of you who are ready to dive in NOW, contact me immediately and lets get to work on building the life of your dreams!

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